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What if a law firm was a piece of software?

Of course, people will always be involved in the delivery of legal services, but nevertheless we think this is a pretty interesting question to pose.  And we are spending some time working up the concept - starting in one of the most common areas of legal services, conveyancing.

Teal Legal are working on a prototype 'AI Conveyancer' in a joint venture with Keele University.  It is envisaged that the project will facilitate delivery of the 'Property Passport' scheme mooted in both HM Land Registry's Digital Street project and the Government's recent Call for Evidence.  Our AI Conveyancer will provide tools to Estate Agents, Portals, Lenders and Conveyancers, and we think will have a significant impact on the end user consumer experience of conveyancing.  It also provides the opportunity to take a redefined approach to risk, reducing incidences of property fraud.  We are already working with some key industry players on the project.  Contact us if you'd like to know more.

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